Missing Classmates

We need your help locating our "Missing" classmates.

By "missing" we mean we have no email or mailing address for these classmates. If you know how to contact anyone on this list, please get in touch with them and give them our site address: www.Meadowdale1968lynnwoodwa.org.

If you know the email address for any Classmate below, you can click on the Classmate's name to quickly send an email invitation to our site.

Or, you can pass their contact information on to us and we will invite them to join this site. Using the "Contact Us" menu item on the left-side menu, send a message to Jill, the Site Administrator.


Lee Anderson
Marty Axness
Janet Balch
John Baron
Scott Bell
Cheryl Blackman
Steve Brewer
David Brown
Steve Butler
RoseAnn Campbell (Smith)
Linda Coolidge
Sharon Cormier
Debbie Davis
Pat Dodd
Lynda Dupree (Shearer)
Judy Ellis
Cliff Emanoff
Larry Eneix
Frank Erxleben
Beth Eustler
David Everhart
Marie Fittante (Monsher)
Karen Fowler (Delany)
Peter Geramin
Richard Gilmore
Charla Gomez
Judy Grandchamp (Thomas)
Lynn Grandchamp (Horton)
William Green
Mari Greimes (DeClements)
Marjorie Hallsey
Judi Harley (Arrants)
Pam Henkel (Bishop)
Steve Hoekstra
Sandy Huffman (Marriman)
Jenny Johnson
Connie Jones (Hunt)
Becky Kooy
Lana Krisman
Grace Mann
James McCort
Sheila McLeod
Terry Meehan
Marilyn Menalo
Drinda Merchant (Legault)
Lynne Miller
Carolyn Montee (Simpson)
Don Morgan
Arvie Neal
Allen Nelson
Nora Neuenschwander
Cheryl Newlander
Chris Nilsen
Larry Oliverson
Alan Peterson
Charlie Pond
Donna Potter (Drake)
Bill Price
Bob Probert
Terry Puller
Linda Rayburn
Michael Renfrow
Joanne Reynolds
Colleen Roberts
Diane Rose
Louise Rowe
Karen Russel (Mersereau)
Gary Searson
Bob Shane
Richard Shults
Julie Skreen (Maloney)
Linda Slabaugh (Phelps)
Connie J Smith
Phyllis Smith (Prevallet)
Doug Stickney
John Stratton
Brenda Swain
Leslie Swanson
Bill Vanderberg
Janet Wahgren
Bruce Walter
Larry Watson
Marilyn Westerfield
Lorinda Westover (Sutton)
Toni Willis
Marilyn Woody
Chris Wright
Ron Wright
Diane Wyatte